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Hyundai BRC, WTCR Double Champion

The World Touring Car Cup (WTCR) is the only touring car race hosted by the Fédération Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA). It is a world series around the world based on the TCR regulations, and Hyundai has introduced the i30 N TCR since the launch of the WTCR in 2018. In fact, Hyundai Motor, which was the first to develop a tour of a circuit for circuit, won the driver champion (2018-2019) and the first -year team champion title (2018) for two consecutive years.

However, the chases of competitors have been in trouble, and in 2020 and 21 years, they have had a difficult season in 2020 and 21 due to performance adjustments to the winning race cars. The TCR has a BAP (Balance of Performance) system that offset the performance difference between models by adjusting elements such as engine output control, weight, and minimum ground high to induce fierce competition. The engine, the size of the body, the size of the body, and the chassis composition are played in a mass -produced car, so the necessary measures are necessary, but there is a lot of controversy about fairness, so the over -the -counter fighting is fierce.

Hyundai Motor launched the new car, Elantra (Avante) N TCR last year, and did not meet expectations even though the BOP was reset. In the driver championship, Jean-Karl Vernay is third, and in the team championship, Engrus Hyundai N Liqui Molly Racing Team Lukoil Squadra CORSE) remained in 5th and 6th, respectively.

However, it was expected this year because the potential of the new car was sufficient and the setting data was accumulated. However, external factors, which were unexpectedly thought of “invasion of Ukraine in Russia,” caught the ankle. Russian companies, Luke Oil, fell out of the main sponsor, making it difficult to organize the team. In addition, as Team Engler moved to Honda, only one BRC racing remained. BRC is an Italian prestigious team that worked on the TCR development program of Hyundai Motor Sports.

Earlier this year, BRC unveiled new cars and drivers at Cherasco, the home of the team. Norbert Michelisz, who was from Hungary and won the championship in 2019, was firmly positioned, and Mikel Azcona was inherited by the vacancy of the retired old veteran Gabriele Tarquini. Azukona, a 26 -year -old Spanish, is a next -generation prospect in the 2018 and last year’s TCR European champion. Julien Moncet, a team vice president of Hyundai Motor Sports, expressed confidence that Elantra N TCR showed good potential last year, and that the driver was also powerful and there was no reason to win.

This season, the WTCR calendar was originally composed of 10 rounds. However, due to the influence of the war, Russia and the Czech round disappeared, and the Asian rounds leading to Korea (Inje), China, and Macau were canceled due to logistics and defense problems. Instead, Italy and Alsace (France) were added, and were summarized in seven rounds and 14 races.

Round 1 – France

The Round of France, which was opened by the cancellation of the Czech round, was held in Circuit de Pau-Ville. In the early 20th century, Pau, southwestern France, was one of the birthplaces of motor sports, and the French Grand Prix was held in 1930. The circuit layout that saved the village road was not much different today, 90 years later.

The first qualifiers for the 2022 WTCR season, Nestor Girolami (Honda) Paul position, and Azukona and Mitchellise in Hyundai Motor’s camp were eighth and 10th, respectively. In Lace 1, Girolami won, Esteban Guerrieri (Honda) was second, and Honda’s Honda forces ranked first and second. BRC modern Azukona was sixth in two stairs and Mitchellise 9th.

In Reverse Grid’s Lace 2, Mitchellise was in a pole position. The WTCR is unusually the reverse grid system. In the second race, it is intended to oppose the 1st to 10th place in the qualifiers to prevent anyone and to give unexpectedness. Because of this, they are intentionally aiming for the 10th place in the qualifiers, but if they are wrong and pushed below the 10th place, they will ruin the entire economy. Points also have a slightly low race 2, so the race 1 wins 30 points and the race 2 wins 25 points.

Mitchellise, who was late, spinned in entangled with Atilla Tassi (Honda). Thanks to this, Azukona, who quickly avoided confusion, took the lead. After the Safeka was missing, he was intense pursuit of Santiago Urrutia (Link & Co), but Azukona’s defense was firm. Azukona, who won the lead and won the victory, started the season neatly. Michellise, on the other hand, was responsible for the accident and received a three -point penalty with the next race grid.

Round 2 -Germany (cancellation)

The second round of the 2022 WTCR was held with a support race at 24 o’clock. However, some teams complained of tire punks, peeling and vibration issues. Many officials were shocked as the organizers who accepted this opinion announced the cancellation after only one hour of the final race. The driver Tom Coronel of Comtoyou Team Audi Sport responded that it was the first time that this was the first time in a 33 -year race. Gabriel Rizzo, BRC modern, was disappointed even though he respected the FIA’s decision.

The WTCR was canceled, but at the main event on the same stage, at 24:00, modern TCR racing cars showed their skills. The 24 o’clock of the Nürburgring is a completely separate event from the WTCR, which is a durable race that runs 24 hours a day. Among the various classes, TCR included Hyundai Elantra N TCR and i30 N TCR, Volkswagen Golf GTI, Audi RS3, and Coupra Leon. Here, Elantra N TCR and i30 N TCR achieved one -to -finish in the class with an overwhelming face.

Round 3 -Hungary

Participants who skipped the German round prepared a Hungarian war in Hungaring. Goodyer, a tire supplier of the WTCR, supplied improved tires to solve the controversy in Germany, while also specifying appropriate camber and air pressure. Hungaring, which repeats short straight lines and tight hairpins, is the venue of the F1 Hungarian Grand Prix, where the average speed is slow and difficult to overtake.

Azukona led the game from the beginning by catching the Paul position as the No. 1 qualifying round. Although there was a mistake in Cain, Gary Eri and Girolami of the Honda camp became the main character of the Paul position. Mitchellise, the seventh place in the qualifiers, started in 13 grids because of the opening penalty. Azukona, who blocked Nathanael Berthon (Audi) at the start, went ahead and opened a distance with the chasers. Meanwhile, Mitchellise, who was pushed to 14th, was injured in 12th place after contacting Coronel and Daniel Nagy. Since then, he has fiercely fights with Mehdi Bennani. Azukona took the championship with an overwhelming pace that did not allow access, and Mitchellise ranked 12th.

In the following Lace 2, Mitchellise started with 4 grids and Azukona from 10 grids. The results were fourth, and Azukona finished 8th with Verton (Audi) and Gary Eri (Honda). As a result, Azukona emerged as a driver point at 85 points. In Team Point, 109 BRC Hyundai followed the 23rd point in the Muennich Motorsport (Honda).

Round 4 – Spain

The stage of the Spanish round, which is the return point, was Motorland Aragón, surrounded by mountains. Home ground for Azukona from Spain. BRC Hyundai, which has cut the engine output by 97.5%due to the Hungarian championship, was aiming for the reverse grid, and Azukona ranked eighth in the qualifiers and Mitchellise 9th.

The pace of the final race was good. Azukona, who overturned Naji (Cupra) on the first rap of Race 1, dug up the in -Corner after a while, beating Urtia (Link & Co). Yann Ehrlacher (Link & Co) and Yvan Muller (Link & Co) overtake the podium after Verton (Audi). The final rap, who welcomed 30 minutes after the start of the game. Azukona pursued to the bottom of the chin, but eventually could not be overtaken. Gilles Magnus (Audi) wins, Robert Huff, 2nd, Verton 3rd, and Azukona fourth. However, Azukona became third when Verton received a five -second penalty for causing an accident. Mitchellise, who finished fifth in the game, was pushed to sixth with a five -second penalty for a conflict with Elasure.

Lace 2 started playing in Mitchellise 2 grid and Azukona 3 grid, as BRC modern operations. Paul is a Chinese driver marching (Qinghua MA, Link & Co). Mitchellise, who had been slightly out of the first corner with the start, was hesitant after a while after a while. After 17 minutes, the economy resumed, and Azukona, who rose to the second place aside from the harmony, pushed Naji in poor tires and became the leader. The remaining 10 minutes was pursued by Huff (Cupra), but it was not very threatening.

Azukona, who won the race 2, scored 129 points, with a 99 -point difference from Magnus (Audi) to 30 points. In addition, BRC Hyundai took the lead with 165 points. The difference from Cyan Performance Lynk & Co was 10 points.

Round 5 – Portugal

The fifth round, which starts the second half of the season, took place in the beautiful city of Vila Real in northern Portugal. Villa Real began in 1931 and boasts a long history. It was resurrected in 2007 after the opening of a car race due to a large accident in 1991. The 4.785km course is due to the protective wall, so there is no room for free. The high and low cars are also significant, but it consists of a relatively gentle corner, which speeds up to 230 km/h in the final downhill section. Villa Real has the only joker lab during the season. It can be called a kind of ‘side road’, which has a schain to reduce the speed. One of the games must run this way, which acts as a certain variable for a difficult circuit.

Mitchellise started 5 grids, and Azukona started race 1 in eight grids. Urtia (Link & Co) of Paul position took the Fall2win, Mitchellise finished fourth and Azukona finished in eighth. Urtia passed the Joker in Lap 3, leading the teammate Elasher, but as the team instructions, he changed his position again and took the championship cup.

In Race 2, the 100th race in WTCR history, Azukona started from 3 grids after Müller (Link & Co) and Tashi (Honda). From the beginning of the game, Gary Eri (Honda) and Tiago Monteiro (Honda) spinned at the end of the fight. It was the Joker Lab who cut the direction of the championship. Paul’s position Müller fell to fourth place in the Joker section, while Huff (Cupra), who passed neatly, tasted the first win of the season.

Azukona finally did not overtake other poems, but he took a valuable score with Podium Finish. Unfortunately, Mitchellise is Retire. Azukona is still a 153 -point leader, and BRC Hyundai led the link & nose by 코인카지노 seven points in the team rankings.

Round 6 -Italy

Sixth War held at the Vallelunga circuit in Italy. Although it is suddenly caught due to the cancellation of the Asian round, the historic circuit, which began with the Track in 1951 and the packaging in 1957, is fully qualified to be the stage of the championship. Ballerunga has been used for various formula and durable race as well as F1 tests. It is also known as the hometown of the famous racing game Aceto Korsa (the headquarters of the developer Kunos Mul Lazi Oni).

In the practice of Ballet Lunga, the tire problem broke out after Germany. Link & nose racing cars were 80kg heavier than Hyundai’s Elantra N TCR because of their handway. The final grid became secluded as five links and racing cars declared their abstention, calling for immediate safety measures.

In Lace 1, Girolami (Honda) led the game to the Paul position, and the BRC Hyundai Azukona and Mitchellise started in 2 and 3, respectively. Benani (Audi) and Montei (Honda) were fittent because of tires in 8 laps, and Verton (Audi) replaced 12 laps and Huff (Cupla) replaced the tires to 16 laps. It is a rare sight in the WTCR, a relatively short -range game. Azukona, who fought a fierce lead with Girolami from the beginning, finished second in the game, and Mitchellise finished fourth.

In Lace 2, Benani (Audi) and Montayo (Honda) again had a tire problem again. Tashi (Honda) and Gary Eri (Honda) also fittent to replace the tire, and eventually Audi’s Magnus and Verton led the ranks. BRC Hyundai Duo was careful about tire management and carefully operated the game, followed by Azukona’s third place after Audi duo and Mitchellise fourth. Azukona spent the best weekend in the fifth match of the electric touring car championship ETCR, which was held in Ballerunga.

As a result, Azukona and Hyundai BRC further improve their scores from chasers and approached the double champion title. While the title competitors, there was a big change in the mid -range composition due to the departure of the performance link & nose forces. Girolami (Honda) was the second -largest driver point to Urtia (Link & Co), Ellasire (Link & Co) and Huff (Cupra), and the second place in the driver point, and the team ranking in the team rankings 2 Returned up. However, the difference in scores is not so high that it is very likely to win the championship title of Azukona and BRC.

In 2018, Hyundai Motors launched the driver (Tarquini, BRC racing) and team title 1st and 2nd (M racing-YMR, BRC racing) in 2018, followed by Mithellise. It has been followed. If you finish this season smoothly, you’ll have a second double title. Unlike most rivals, which are mostly two teams, only one team and two teams are obtained. For reference, Hyundai Motor has won the most wins in the last five seasons, but also won the most wins (2022 Italy), but also won the racing car (i30 N TCR, 20 wins). Hyundai Motor’s camp, which has made a successful generation replacement of the new race car (Elantra N TCR) and the driver (Michel Azukona), is already expected to continue the next season. The final round will be held on August 6-7 at Annneau Du Rhin, located in Alsace, eastern France.

writing. Lee Soo -jin (Automobile Critics)

In 1991, he went up to the birth of a domestic car magazine for enthusiasts, and sent a letter hard. He has served as editor -in -chief and editor -in -chief in Car Vision and Automotive Life, and is now an automotive critic. He also introduces the latest trends such as electric cars, connect -tid cars, and autonomous driving technology, but also wishes that the engine engine, which smells of oil, will not disappear.

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