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Gino backpacking -49 days world week 4

4. Hong Kong city tourism

The Hong Kong tourism map of the motel owner is explained in detail in Korean. If you see everything you are, there is no end. The topography is made up of Kowloon Peninsula, the largest island on the mainland, Lantau Island, the economy, and Hong Kong Island, the center of finance, and more than 200 small islands. I hope you can. However, Hong Kong’s highlights are Hong Kong Island, like Manhattan, New York, the forest of the building. The unique shapes and beauty of the buildings seem to be much better than New York Manhattan. The way to cross Hong Kong Island from the city center of the city center under Kowloon Peninsula is to cross the public buses like public buses. The fee is 2 dollars in Hongdal, so it’s 70 cents.

Star Ferri marina. It is always crowded with people who have been to Hong Kong Island all day.

Large cruise sightseeing ships are anchored. I saw it from Tsimsa -cho before I went to

A panoramic view of Tsimsa -cho, which went to Hong Kong Island in the morning. It is the cruise line I saw last night.

Star Ferry carries guests from morning to night at a passenger ship terminal.

In the morning, he gives 70 cents to Star Ferri and goes to Hong Kong Island and swept into many tourists. $ 7-it’s a very cheap price. As I sat down, I didn’t want to get off. In the military, it is similar to being trained and lying in a hygiene room and hitting a movie.

The two -story bus I didn’t get off and just watched. It is worth using Hong Kong. Pick the main exhibition.

Course A and B are divided from side to side around Star Ferri. First, Course A departs from Central Pier, passes through the Convense Center, and goes to the famous racecourse (there is such a novel title in Korea. Hong Kong’s horse racing is ranked third in the world after the United States and Japan. In English, Happy Valley Race Course, but the number of people who fall into the horse racing is the number of beggars. I’m not interested in this, but I pass what kind of house and return to the street where I originally started through St. Jones Cathedral. To do it, you have to take a picture and take a picture of each bus stop and take a picture of your travels. I just sat on a two -story bus and didn’t shake it, so I took a picture without a picture.

I’m waiting for the bus to take the course B, but I don’t have a bus, but I read the Hong Kong tourism guide from the owner one more time. If you go to Kowloon Peninsula, you have to change the train and the bus a few times, and now you can take a boat from the central dock. In addition, they get off at the port called Mui -Woo and take a bus to go to the temple. Eventually, the fire is moved, holding the ignorant vote next to it, and the Porin Sunsi with Bronze Buddha. I had a dumpling house at the entrance to ride the boat at lunch, so I pointed it with my hands. I was hungry and four. Hongdal 16 $ 16, $ 2 in our money, and I buy green tea together and eat it on my stomach.

It was the first dinner I bought in Hong Kong, but I tried to go to a Korean restaurant nearby, but I just tried it. The menu is Beef Triple in English, and it puts three kinds of beef in the beef soup. However, the noodles are thin and Korean is a bit thinner than the noodles.

I ate all the broth how hungry. I ate breakfast this morning at the motel, watched Macau, skipped lunch, and had a dinner. The backpacker lives like this. Two meals a day. However, the second dumpling picture was hungry, and there is no picture because George is the wind. The dumplings are soaked with beans such as vegetables, meat, and peanuts. It’s not flour, but it’s powdered. As you change the bus from this port, you can see the sea to the left as you go up and down the mountain road. The scenery is superb.

As a ship

Get off the bus and go up a little, and people are busy where they gathered. At the entrance of the entering, the duodenum was built from side to side and described in Chinese and English under it. The weapons held by each duodenum have a variety of spears, swords, mondi, arrows, etc. What kind of general? Let’s go over the trip and dig deeper after the trip. I have taken all 12 images of the duodenum, but only one below time. …

The left light looks faint and the left light is faint, but to meet the Buddha, I have to go up the two hundred stairs. But isn’t it like a woman who saw a lot on the right?

I tried to catch the image that was hard to catch. First of all, it is the largest Bronze Buddha statue in the world. Of course, the Buddha made of stone is in China, 더존카지노 but this is a bronze Buddha statue. It is at the top of 520 meters above sea level, weighs 202 tons and is 22 meters high. 200 pieces were made to make the whole Buddha statue. First of all, it is the best in the world.

The sightseeing guide is delicious. So I bought a meal ticket because I wanted to be a bibimbap sold under the temple of Korea. Strangely, in Hong Kong, when showing these ruins, it doesn’t get money wrong with Europe. There is a place where I get paid at the entrance, so I tried to pay for it, so I asked my aunt as an or deluxe. The price is $ 100 in Hongdal and $ 70 is usually $ 70. So it’s a $ 15 lunch for a $ 15 lunch.

From now on, we introduce the bowl of the ship’s ship of Lantau Island in Hong Kong. Next time, if you go to Hong Kong, it is recommended to take time to go. I recommend this. I show you the coupon before entering the restaurant. I went there, and there are only a few people with deluxe guests.

I grabbed the form and sits to bring the soup to the bowl, but I think it’s a mushroom soup. It is not salty, but goes through the tongue and goes down to the esophagus. I ate all three bowls in the soup bowl as above. The soup seemed to be half cold.

This is a set of day. If I want to give me less because I’m a stranger, I looked closely at the mainland son. It was the same. Rice, vegetable fried stir -fry, oil -roasted Parkchoi Hansara, and like a married couple. Vegetable Salad is a peanut and a fun to eat in his mouth. It is a complete healthy food. Of course, I didn’t leave food and ate it.

I haven’t found the history of the temple, but it’s a senior prehistoric company that created the famous sentence. It is also said that it is a discomfort species because Buddhist Moni lifts a lotus flower silently in a sermon. In South Korea, it was handed down at the end of Shilla, which is a Chinese inter -Korean, and in China, Ambassador Dharma is the founder of Chinese ships. As shown in the picture above, there were pictures drawn from the left and right of the restaurant.

It is a monk of Moorim who will be in the Chinese martial arts. Barefoot monk. It is like a musical instrument that is carrying on the shoulder.

It is a work of the soldiers of the soldiers.

Soyong and white cranes

This is a typical arithmetic of China. Anyone who knows well tells me.

It depicts the arms of Taoism as a character of the title that eight fresh people cross the sea. The original text becomes the Palseon and Seahyeon Sin Tong (过 各 神 神 神 通). Literally, the 8th freshness in Taoism is said to be “8 freshness crosses the sea.” Hanjong -ri, Zhang -ro, Yeo Dong -bin, Ha Sun -go, Nam Chae -hwa, Han Boss, Cho Kuk -gu, ) Legends that eight fresh seasons crossed the sea over the waves after drinking and drunk in Bongraega.

Buddha’s picture

It is like a fujeon arithmetic that adds an illustration form like a manga (cartoon) in Chinese style landscape painting.

It is like a equipment. What is the above extension? I should ask a person who is good at Chinese.

It is a picture that smells like China. -JH-

Good morning


It’s the beginning of a week!

I wonder if my child is still a break, and it happened to the last minute without getting up in the morning.

In my nurse days, I was busy working every day without knowing what day of the week was today.

And it’s a holiday! Let’s go out

I drove the car and lived in Shonan at the time, so I was involved in a traffic jam when I went to the sea to the sea.

Why such a traffic jam? ,,,,

Oh, today is Sunday! ! Lingering

I was aware of the traffic jam lol

It’s great to be able to work in Shonan if you think about it now! It was. I should have played more 😭

Now that I am studying in mother and child in Malaysia, I feel almost perfect! smile

And now it’s time to send the children and take a break. Breakfast

Plums 샌즈카지노 and white coffee on the pumpkin 🎃 bread without additives are Black groups, but Malaysia is sweet even if it says COPI O (Coffee Black).

Moreover, when you buy powder, it is still a little expensive. 。

So, it’s sweet, but I will send my head to my head at WHITE COFFEE, a specialty of Malaysia near the cafe au lait (I’ll work !!).

Baccarat has started for a week, but let’s proceed with omission this week too.

Then again

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